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Sai Krishna

for City Council in Frisco, TX

As a city councilman, SAI will work by bringing innovation to important areas such as infrastructure, economic development, and public safety. He will prioritize the needs of our families and ensure Frisco as a place where everyone can prosper.



Lead Contamination in the Dirt and Sanitizing the grounds

Intends to accelerate soil testing and sanitizing for Grand Park, the area which was earlier the grounds for the Exide Technologies Battery Plant. Lead contamination is a serious issue, one that must be addressed immediately to prevent health issues and illness in kids.


Public Concerns

Plans on alleviating traffic concerns for residents, investing in better public education, and improving safety through community-police interactions.



Intend to create new business parks. Furthermore, he will focus on developing more green spaces throughout the city of Frisco.



Integrate an app for city services, while placing greater emphasis on Frisco’s cybersecurity systems. There will also be mobile libraries for public use.


Eco Development

Develop equitable plans to increase entrepreneurship and promote small businesses. There will be investments in Frisco’s tourism and incentives for business owners in the city.

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Sai Krishna & Family

Sai Krishna is a public servant, proud American citizen, and dedicated family man who has found a home here in Frisco, Texas. He and his wife, Poornimasri, have been married for 15 years and are the proud parents of two children, both attending schools within the Frisco Independent School District. Sai has over a decade of experience in the medical field, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and a Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has worked for Blue Cross Blue Shield in Case Management, helping the organization run more efficiently by identifying and executing opportunities to save costs. Prior to that, he worked in a hospital setting as a registered nurse, and at Cigna Health and Wellness as a Telephonic Coach, motivating and engaging the community to adopt healthy lifestyles.


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As an immigrant who has built a life here in Texas, Sai understands the importance and benefits of hard work, and can speak to the true value of the American Dream. He wants to maintain our community’s great values while also ushering us into the future.

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